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BikeProUSA Race Case Features

Bike Pro USA Travel Cases have been the standard of excellence in the cycling industry since 1985. Our cases are used worldwide by cycling professionals as well as recreational cyclists. No matter what size or style of bike - BMX to Tandems, Road to Mountain, Bike Pro USA has a case to accommodate your needs. Well designed details from over 25 years of
experience assure you of the finest protection available for your bike.

The main component that differentiates the Bike Pro USA Race Cases from the competition is the unique True Track Steel Frame. Unlike other cases that just let the bike rest on foam, the frame of ours allows your bicycle to actually attach to the case via the True Track Frame much like some stationary trainers.* From front fork to rear derailleur your bike is supported and protected.
The fork of your bike fits in the Fork Mount of the True Track Frame and is secured with a quick release skewer.***
The bottom bracket shell rests on the adjustable Flex Plate assembly. It is secured with a T-Bolt through the rear chain stays.**

The Flex Plate is designed to bend in the event of a top impact or a vertically dropped case to absorb the shock.

The key component of your drive-train, the rear derailleur, is protected by a twelve-gauge
Steel Derailleur Guard, which surrounds the mechanism with a curtain of steel.*
Once secured in the Bike Pro Race Case, your bicycle is surrounded with a cocoon of varying densities of urethane foam. Depending on the model and location of bicycle "vital parts," there is up to 3 inches of foam sandwich cushion on each side of the bike.
Impact resistant side panels are also included (unless requested otherwise) as an additional layer of protection. Rigid panels of high-density polyethylene are incorporated into the sides of the Race Case for superior reinforcement and puncture resistance (except on Peleton model.)

The exterior of the case is made from 1000 denier Dupont Cordura® nylon, the proven choice of most expedition packs and bags.

All Bike Pro Race Cases have casters on the bottom for easy mobility, fully lined interiors to keep components clean, and a plethora of straps and handles to make lifting your loaded case as easy as possible.

Whether you are traveling with one, two, or a peleton of bicycles, Bike Pro USA Race Cases make the going easier and give you peace of mind knowing your flight case has been designed and manufactured with only the best materials and 16 years of experience behind each one.
* This feature or attachment is slightly different on the BMX and Peleton flight cases.
** Bicycles with elevated chain stays and some rear suspension systems may require the optional Rear Dropout Support tower for the second mounting point.
*** Downhill bikes with thru-axles require an optional adapter for the fork mount.
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