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Product Information

Travel Cases:

Bike Pro USA® and Pedal Pack®, both long standing names in the cycling industry, have proudly combined their lineage to fulfill any of your travel needs. No matter what preference you have for a travel case for your bicycle, you can now get both styles of construction, sewn semi-rigid Bike Pro USA race cases, or thermoformed molded plastic Pedal Pack hard cases, from one source.

BikeProUSA Race Cases Features Sizing Information

  • Sizes to fit any height bicycle.
  • Multi-density foam side panels provide progressive shock absorption.
  • Steel True Track Frame system for secure mounting of the bike in the case.
  • Large two inch casters for ease of ground mobility.
  • Handles and straps on all sides for ease of lifting.
  • Drop-down side panel for ease of loading/unloading bike.
  • Separate bags or pockets for wheels and accessories.
  • Easily rolled up for smaller storage of empty case.
  • Custom silk-screened sides available for easy identification or advertising.
Pedal Pack Travel Cases: Features
  • Shippable by UPS/Fed Ex with bike in it (except tandem).
  • Large removable casters to prevent loss or damage (except Commuter model).
  • "Egg crate" style convoluted foam interiors to nestle the bike securely.
  • Lockable hardware to prevent loss of contents.
  • Recessed areas molded into foam where possible to minimize impact on hardware and handles.
  • Molded rigid exterior designed to withstand the toughest of punishments.
  • Hinged halves make loading and closing the "suitcase" a breeze (except Commuter model).
  • Without the bicycle, Pedal Pack cases can be used to store or travel with any valuable that could benefit from this high level of protection.
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