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Pedal Pack Case Features

Pedal Pack has over a 20 year history of being the original bicycle suitcase company. All Pedal Pack cases are engineered to surround your bicycle with the security you can trust to protect your bike during travel. From small cases for folding or coupled bikes to tandems, Pedal Pack can handle most traveling cyclist needs.

Choose between our value-packed Commuter Case or top-of-the-line valence-style Deluxe Case, both designed to accommodate either a road or mountain bike.

The molded exterior of all Pedal Pack travel cases is designed with the primary function of protecting the contents from impact and compression. High density polyethylene or blended ABS plastic is custom molded into the finished thermoformed shapes. Our extra attention to mold design shows in details such as relief areas in the formed shell for the wheel hub considerations and caster placement. We make these cases in two different styles, either valence or overlap designs. Both designs offer excellent protection.

A valence case is a hinged suitcase style of case utilizing extruded aluminum for the edge of the mating halves of the case. Each case is handmade, matching the two sides together to offer the finest fitting hinged cases on the market. Because of this design, recessed latches and handles can be used to further add to the ease of use and increased security.

The overlap design case utilizes a raised lip molded into one side of the case allowing it to slip over the other side when mated together. Although lacking a hinge, this design offers excellent protection with a minimum of expense.

The interior of each Pedal Pack is lined with foam chosen to perform in concert with the exterior to nestle your bike in solid protection.
In addition, all models come with a spare sheet of eggcrate foam to completely separate your wheels from the bike frame areas within the Pedal Pack. Together, the exterior design and materials matched up with the choice of interior foam provide your bike with a time proven reputation for protection.
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